Why audio content will be consumed more for knowledge gaining purpose in coming years.

When it comes to consuming content, mostly we prefer video content in form of educational videos, entertainment short videos (FB, Insta, Tiktok and other similar platforms), web series, movies and more. When we talk about audio; songs and radio is the first thing that comes to our mind. But as per experts, podcast/audio content will be consumed more in the coming year.

I was like why, what’s the fun in listening to something except songs/radio.
It was an era when video content was not available and people used to listen to songs on the gramophone, radio, tape recorder and other means.
So why people will go backward to follow the old trend when video content is easily available.

Most important, really, am I going to listen to such audios? Because it is not my habit and my psychology does not allow me to accept it.

We follow/do things only if our habits or our lifestyle gets changed.

But the question was how all this is going to happen?

So I started to find the answers, and after 2-3 months, suddenly all the dots started to connect.

Let me tell you how?

3 years back, I was talking to a person who used to sell security devices like CCTV, Digital Security locks, GPS enabled tracking devices and more.

In the conversation with him, he told me, he also has devices where we can connect all home appliances to Alexa or Google assistance and make our home a smart home. For that, wifi-enabled circuits will be attached to all the switchboards and this circuit will be connected to Alexa or Google assistance, through which we can control everything on voice command.

If we want to make our home smart home, it was going to cost $600 – $700 (which is 45k – 55k INR) for 2BHK apartment.
So, I started thinking what if people started adopting this technology, well it is a bit expensive now, but if switchboards manufacturing companies start to manufacture wifi-enabled switchboards then this can get way cheaper because of bulk production. Then it will become an affordable solution.

Once people adopt this, now things will happen to change. Now people will develop a habit to talk to AI and most of the time they will start listening to audio. This will gradually be going to change habits and we may intend to consume more audio content.

Recent studies say that in countries like the US & UK people normally listen to podcasts on topics they are interested in, while driving/traveling. Because of our hectic routines, we do not get time to read such things, so it is easy to listen and utilize non-productive hours.

In the last two years, you will find a lot of podcasts of famous people on iTunes, Spotify, google podcasts and other platforms.


Abbas Kapasi
SEO Consultent
January 29, 2020