Iot stands for internet of things. It is the network of physical things embedded with software, sensors, and network connectivity. It enables things to collect and exchange data. By using iot things can send and control remotely across the whole network. It provides integration between the physical world and computer world. It helps improve accuracy, efficiency and economic benefit.

In IOT, things can be considered as a variety of devices such as automobiles with sensors, DNA analysis devices, field operation devices. These things collect useful data with the help of various technologies and then flow data between devices.


The IOT term became popular in 1999. RFID was a prerequisite for the IOT. Tagging of things can be done via field communication, barcodes, QR codes, Bluetooth and digital watermarking.

How IT Works

Sensors –
These are key components which help to collect data from the environment.
Connectivity –
Data collected by the sensor is sent to the cloud.
Data Processing –
Collected data once it is sent to the cloud the software processes the data.
User Interface –
After the Processing is done the information or result should be shown to the end
user. This can be done through sending messages or notification.

IOT Application


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