The billion-dollar question for front-end developer.What should you choose? Angular or React?

Hey, so finally you are here! You clicked on the link and the blog is in front of you. Did you notice, the blog opens instantaneously, as soon as you click on it? (Assuming that your internet connection was decent) Have you ever wondered what technology is responsible for this?

This happens due to the front-end technologies, which are responsible for providing rich user interface with less waiting time. Front-end technologies are those, which works on client machine instead of server.

In todays’s era, there are many web development technologies available. Two popular front-end technologies used for web development are Angular and ReactJs.

Let us see what both of these technologies are, and answer your much awaited question- which one to choose?

What is ANGULAR?

Angular is open source web development framework developed by Google’s employee Miško Hevery. It is use to create Single Page Application (SPA). The purpose of developing angular was of maintenance of code as well as google-scales problem. They needed a framework that could build and manage large amount of code as well as provide functionality to work on shared code.

What is framework?

For example, if we want to build a house, what all would be required to do? We would need to put up wooden frame that outlines the structure of house. After that, we build walls, doors, windows etc. Similarly, framework is a blueprint using which you build your application. To develop an application you create functionalities and connect these functionalities using framework.

What are the advantages of Angular?

MVC Architecture: Separates application in main three parts. Model, View and Controller.

Dependency Injection: Sometimes one component or functionality needs services. Angular provides functionality of injection using which, one can easily inject different services in single component.

Typescript: Angular uses typescript language, which is superset of JavaScript. Typescript is transcribed into JavaScript at compilation time. Because of which, developers are able to identify and fix bugs much earlier.

Google’s Angular Community Support.

What is REACTJS?

ReactJs is a library developed by Facebook’s employee Jordan Walke, Software engineer. It was first deployed in 2011. ReactJs is used to create Single Page Application (SPA). It provides libraries, using which developer can create components, directives etc. in an application.

What is libraries?

Libraries are set of predefined functionalities to perform specific type of tasks. Common task can be done using libraries.

What are the advantages of ReactJs?

Virtual DOM: ReactJs works on virtual DOM, which is abstract copy of actual DOM. This functionality of Virtual DOM makes application faster. Virtual DOM has isolated elements, thus the changes in one, will not affect the other element.

Reusability of components.

One directional data flow using downward data binding: React will ensure that changes made in child structure will not affect its parent.

Facebook’s ReactJs community support.

Finally, the billion-dollar question. Angular or React?

Here, the difference between Angular and ReactJs is inversion control.

In framework-based technology, developer does not have control over the flow. Flow is defined by framework. However, developer can customize components and services accordingly. So developer has less control over the application’s flow. Everything is in charge of framework.

While in library, developer is in charge of application’s flow. Developer will decide where and when to call the library.

Now, which technology should you choose for your web-based application?


Usually it depends upon requirement of application and its flow. Applications such as YouTube, Gmail, Forbes etc. are developed using angular (So when the internet isn’t available, we can still see the emails downloaded in the phone).

While Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix etc. applications are developed using ReactJs.

Hence, both are good in their own ways. It depends on what application you are looking forward to build.
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Parth is currently pursuing his MCA from department of computer science. He is a full-stack web developer, working on angular framework and likes to explore the ever-evolving front-end & back-end frameworks/technologies.
Alongside, He is a Bookworm and a gamer.

Parth Chokshi, Intern at GlobalVox | Posted on: March 26, 2021