Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions helps in giving your campus a total digital overhaul with state-of-the-art student management. And in this endeavour, Global Vox is here to help integrate all users through a mobile-enabled web-based platform – to deliver enterprise-quality student information solutions to academic institutions such as yours.

Campus Solutions applications: An Overview

GlobalVox PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

PeopleSoft Campus Community

Leveraging comprehensive application management and hosting services portfolio along with our customer centric engagement model to meet the technological needs of our discerning customers.

  • Campus Community helps an institution with creating and maintaining personal data, especially their names and addresses of individuals who are a part of the campus community. It even helps set FERPA control as well as manage system IDs.
  • Similarly, it helps maintain organizational data – that is contact names, phone numbers, and addresses of schools and other institutions that are important to this business.
  • It helps with creating lists in order to track and identify the status of activities, dues dates, and so on, at any time.
  • Through Comment Management, it helps enter notes in the database about institutions, individuals, events, etc.
GlobalVox PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

PeopleSoft Recruiting and Admissions

  • Its comprehensive recruiting capabilities allow you to store extensive recruiting as well as education information for any prospective student. To help you create contact, you also have communication, comment, checklist tools made available.
  • It maintains the information on recruiters, including their role, the kinds of students they work with, their special interest areas, and the regions they serve.
  • It helps with planning and coordinating recruitment events for various programs targeting certain particular student populations.
  • It loads and assigns Enrollment Planning Service (EPS™) market codes to external organizations in order to help focus on recruiting activities.
  • It generates enrollment management reports that list the target as well as actual levels that the institution has defined.
  • Recruiting and Admissions helps measure the success of admissions decisions (such as, it can let you know how many enrolled students actually graduated, and so on).
GlobalVox PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

PeopleSoft Student Records

  • It helps with entering, tracking, and processing a student’s academic information, minimizing any repetitive data entry.
  • It helps you have maximum control over the student records—right from the schedule of classes to student programs, plans, and such.
  • It has features, such as Course catalogue, Enrollment, Enrollment verifications, Repeat checking, Attendance tracking, Transfer credit processing, Transcripts, Graduation processing, Academic statistics, Learning Management Systems, and (LMS) integration. These help Student Records to activate, enrol, grade, evaluate, and graduate students.
GlobalVox PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

PeopleSoft Academic Advisement

  • This is the app within Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions which tracks the requirements as well as policies which a student would need to satisfy in order to graduate.
  • As a student moves towards their graduation day, Academic Advisement analyzes the courses picked and completed by the student, even if unsuccessfully. All the while, it ascertains what requirements still remain outstanding.
  • This application lets you set up and view academic course lists and requirements, modify any existing requirements, make an exception for a particular student, and finally generate advisement reports.
GlobalVox PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

PeopleSoft Financial Aid

  • This application enables you to establish the general processing for your financial aid office. It includes award cycles and terms, budgets, application processing, and aid eligibility and packaging options.
  • This powerful and flexible tool processes multiple kinds of aid applications, assesses student eligibility, and accordingly awards, packages, and disburses aid to the students.
GlobalVox PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

PeopleSoft Student Financials

  • This tool within Oracle Peoplesoft Campus Solutions is helpful for higher education institutes. It helps them with managing student receivables, collections, billing, and cashiering.
  • With the help of Student Financials, both students and staff can efficiently find as well as use the financial information they require to make any critical decisions.
GlobalVox PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

PeopleSoft Contributor Relations

  • This is one comprehensive solution within Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise Campus Solutions. It helps the contributor relations professionals to optimize their strategic planning as well as decision-making process.
  • There is a comprehensive gift processing feature included in this solution which handles the entry of membership, gift, and pledge transactions.
  • The 8 component functions of Contributor Relations – Gift and Pledge, Event Manager, Prospect Manager, Campaign Manager, Constituent Information, Membership Manager, Volunteer Manager, and Planned Giving – enable efficient workflow and an effective data tracking and retrieval throughout the enterprise.

PeopleSoft Campus Self Service

  • Campus Self Service is offered as a separately licensed product by Campus Solutions.
  • Self-service apps bring multiple transactions together into one unit. Self-service pages can be used to provide system access to applicants, students, faculty, alumni, visitors, and other users, allowing them to perform a wide range of self-service transactions.
GlobalVox PeopleSoft Campus Solutions