With Java, development is faster and far less costly. Plus, the end result is a robust, reliable, portable, and bug-free application for businesses to achieve their goals in no time. It’s a programming language like no other that offers all these features wrapped up in a single package.

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Java Web Application Development

Web applications are distributed apps that run on multiple devices and communicate through the network or server. It would come in handy for enterprises, such as yours, to update and maintain without needing software installation on the client computers. Additionally, one application could easily be used by a vast number of people for various reasons – online retail sales, discussion boards, webmail, weblogs, and so on. For such apps, Javascript turns out to be the optimum platform.

  • Java is easily scalable for web app development. Whether you plan to scale your web application vertically or horizontally, Java will adapt to your needs, especially on permanent storage and commercial logic levels.
  • With Java programming, you only have to write a program once and you can use the code on any device and in any operating system. It’s a cross-platform language.
  • With the help of the Multi-threading feature, Java web applications can easily and efficiently manage being simultaneously used by multiple users at any time.
GlobalVox Technologies Java

Java Enterprise Application Development

In the world of IT, we need enterprise applications to be designed, built, and produced with greater speed, with fewer resources and for less money. Through Java Enterprise application development, we help you achieve exactly that.

  • With the Java EE platform, XML deployment descriptors are optional. One can simply enter the information as an annotation directly into a Java source file; the Java EE server will successfully configure this component at deployment and runtime.
  • This platform provides developers with a great set of APIs while decreasing the development time, reducing app complexity, and improving app performance.
  • Dependency injection can be used in EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) containers, application clients, and web containers. It can be applied to all the resources that a component needs to effectively hide the creation as well as lookup of resources from the application code.
GlobalVox Technologies Java

Java Application Migration & Integration

Java platform migration has become a much sought-after requirement for progressive enterprises today. It has been widely seen that the benefits brought by successful Java migration far outweigh the challenges. Our Java development services help businesses reach higher efficiencies and propel their future growth.

  • Java has a component-based model that enables rapid development of distributed Java EE apps. In addition, the simplified Java Persistence and Enterprise JavaBeans API facilitate high-speed development.
  • Java comes packed with standards, frameworks, tools, and support for user interface and data binding that also enable application packaging, web application configuration, communications, and more.
  • You can rest assured that your data will completely secure if you opt for Java database migration. This programming language ensures a robust and secure environment for all the critical enterprise data, even during the migration process.
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Java Custom Application Development

One shoe doesn’t fit all. With that underlying principle, custom application development is what every business enterprise is looking for today. When we know time is money, no business would want to waste time molding its needs to generic applications when it could have applications molded to its own work functions, policies and processes?

  • Unlike the off-the-shelf applications, we design customized applications that provide the optimal personalized solution for growth-oriented business enterprises such as yours.
  • We build you native and cross-platform applications that run alike on desktop and mobile devices, as well as embedded applets, firmware, and cloud apps.
  • We create dynamic web content with configurable themes and responsive UI using JavaServer Pages, JavaServer Faces, and Java Servlets, in addition to APIs for optimized database communication, automated messaging, and XML processing.
GlobalVox Technologies Java

Java Frame

A framework is often what dictates the very structure of any application, whether it’s custom-made or an off-the-shelf one, whether it’s an enterprise solution or not. Through Java development services, we provide you with a solid and efficient business application with a framework that makes all elements come together beautifully.

It only makes sense to outsource Java development; after all, the language is universally popular and it is budget-friendly. But, the challenge is to find a reputable Java development company. With Global Vox, you can check off even that challenge off of your list. You can trust us to provide promising tailor-made solutions for your business within the parameters of your requirements as well as budget constraints.

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