Spring Boot

When we talk about Enterprise application development in JAVA,we remember Spring Framework as a one of the most popular framework. It serves a large number of modules providing a range of services. These include a component container, aspect oriented programming support for building cross cutting concerns, security framework, data access framework, web application framework and support classes for testing components.


  • Initially J2EE was available. Because of configuration issues in J2EE, later on Spring became popular in developers. Spring offers a ton of features which are not available in J2EE.
  • The first version of the Spring framework was written by Rod Johnson along with a book in 2002.
  • The framework was first released in June 2003 under the Apache license version 2.0.
  • The first milestone release of Spring framework (1.0) was released in March 2004.
  • The current stable version(5.3.8) of spring came in Sept. 2021.


Why Spring Boot over Spring ?

Spring Boot is basically an extension of the Spring framework, which eliminates the boilerplate configurations required for setting up a Spring application.

Features of Spring Boot over Spring.

  • Embedded server to avoid complexity in application deployment.
  • Automatic configurations for Spring functionality – whenever needed.
  • Opinionated ‘starter’ dependencies to simplify the build and application configuration.
  • Metrics, Health check, and externalized configurations are available.


Spring Boot provides a number of starter dependencies for different Spring modules. Some of the most commonly used ones are:

  • spring-boot-starter-data-jpa
  • spring-boot-starter-security
  • spring-boot-starter-test
  • spring-boot-starter-web
  • spring-boot-starter-thymeleaf


With Spring Boot framework developer can easily start developing Enterprise applications with micro-services as well as monolithic architecture.


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Hardik Raja – Associate Software Developer at GlobalVox | Posted on: November 10, 2021