Sound Health Is Your Best Investment

Mental Wellness and Fitness are the buzz words in today’s pandemic era. As it is rightly said A healthy mind resides in a healthy body Sound health is indeed a bliss! A balanced diet with adequate exercise is the right ingredient which can ensure our good physical health. So, check out that your plate is colourful with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Modern lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, blood pressure cholesterol can be at bay only when we endeavour to lead a healthy life During the challenging times our immunity needs to be enhanced to protect our body against the invasion of any virus and bacterial infection. For this we must include a Walk or Jog, Swimming or Cycling, Zumba or Aerobics yoga, meditation, and pranayama in our daily routine.

A good sleep is also a cherry on the cake. A sound sleep of 7_8 hours not only build immunity but also burns calories faster. Active lifestyle is the need of the hour! Age is not the criteria from children to youth to senior citizens all must follow a healthy regime. Don’t be couch potatoes

Remember health is the real wealth!

So, friends…. an advise to all: Slowdown in life…. Pause and introspect and focus on your health!

Let’s pause, breathe and reflect
Do exercise and eat perfect
Don’t stress and strain
Don’t fret and fume
Be kind to your body and mind
Lead a healthy lifestyle
Walk a mile and smile
This too shall pass ….


Sahil is a B.Tech in Computer Science and works as a QA Engineer at Global Vox. He Primarily works as Manual software tester and aspires to be the Expert in his field. He is energetic with regards to Fitness and invests his free energy perusing articles identified with Well-Being, Human Life Systems, Automotive Engines and etc..

Sahil Dewan, Process Consultant at GlobalVox | Posted on: September 30, 2021