We live in a world of exponentially growing data; in this age and time, it is imperative for businesses to leverage the capabilities of SAP HANA if they want to harness the full potential of their data landscape. Together with the experience and expertise in providing SAP HANA managed services, Global Vox is abe to help enterprises make SAP HANA-based fast, confident, and impactful decisions.

GlobalVox SAP HANA Database Management Service

Access to Data in Real Time

  • We help you have real-time access to data of any shape and size through a single access point, therefore, making things extremely simple for you.
  • You can access any data irrespective of where it is -whether in the ckoud or on premise and from any SAP or non-SAP system.
  • With the multi-model database of SAP HANA, minimize complexity for geospatial, hierarchies, graph, text, document, search, and more – in one single system.
GlobalVox SAP HANA Database Management Service

Reinventing Data Management

  • An application is only as good as its very foundation. With industry-leading SAP HANA, we ensure organizations continue to redefine their data management, as they power their applications, people, and technology.
  • Through our SAP HANA managed services, businesses get to access their whole heterogenous data ecosystem including SAP as well as non-SAP data sources, easily through a single gateway.