Global Vox is a leader in providing project management and consulting services, helping businesses who seek to implement business-enhancing and agile services to improve their project and portfolio performance.

Truly Managing a Project

We provide project management and consulting services across the globe, catering to projects in domains, such as Software Development, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, Construction, and so on. We have skilled professional staff who can assist with project management needs in general, or even in specific areas of a project.

Planning the Project

Planning is critical to the success of any project and requires careful input to the Cost baselines, Schedule, as well as the Project Management Plan. We provide intensive planning sessions which facilitate the fast-tracking of the planning stage, guiding the project management team towards further successful management of the whole project.

Review and Recovery

There is so much at stake today, that fast action is the only key to avoiding losses related to project failures. Our project management consulting services address common areas of concern, that include scope, project controls, and resource availability to quickly turn around a troubled project.

Assessing Project Maturity

Under our project management consultancy services, we work with businesses to assess the present level of maturity, and thereby develop an achievable improvement plan. We support the execution as well as the measurement of the recommended improvements, therefore them keep the momentum going.

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