Privacy Enhancing Computation

The Privacy Enhancing Computation trend involves a range of modern technologies that aim to protect personal data in various methods. Privacy Enhancing Computation protects data in use while maintaining privacy and secrecy online.

Why We Have To Use Privacy Enhancing Computation


Privacy Enhancing Computation provides a trusted environment where data can be processed securely.

Privacy Enhancing Computation control technologies that support privacy and data protection from violations and hacker attacks. This trend provides sharing data and keeps its secrecy and privacy simultaneously.

When users enter their data into any website or application, they want to ensure that it will be kept private. The data store providers have to have full control and management of this information.

Common Reason For Implementing Data Protecting Technological Tools


  • Harm Prevention
  • Misrepresentation
  • Unfair Conditions
  • Human Dignity Violation

Privacy Enhancing Computation Technologies


Homomorphic encryption: Homomorphic encryption technology lets computation on encrypted data for third-party providers. Homomorphic encryption provides the ability to process data by a general index without the need for private information.

Trusted Execution Environments: TEE provides a high level of protection for data while it is being stored or processed. It applies the function of not your devices to third parties-providers and applications to allow or forbid access to the location, photo gallery, and other data.

Multi-Party Computation: Multi-party computation allows analyzing various data without violating privacy. It means the data of several parties can be analyzed, and no party can see the initial data.

Differential privacy: Differential privacy is an algorithm that analyzes data and generates statistics. It hides the individual data and shows the general dataset.

Privacy Enhancing Computation technologies make it much easier and more reliable to keep the data private under all conditions. The purpose of this trend is to encrypt data that is processed on third-parties hardware.


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