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My learnings from our CEO

As we all know - this was the first visit of our CEO - KunalSinh Vaghela - to the India office. We started India operations in first quarter of 2019 and its more than 3 years since. Though I have known KV since my school days (we were schoolmates) - we got into a professional relationship only in 2019. And it was for the first time that I got a chance to work with him - shoulder to shoulder for such a long period - in India.

Would love to share some of the key points of this visit and my learnings -

Extreme transparency - I learned that transparency gives strength. The more open and transparent you are about your thoughts - the more confident you get.

High Confidence - Doesn’t matter how big the challenge is - people how are prepared to work really hard have a different level of confidence.

Very fast and bold decision making - Not scared to take big bold decisions. And his speed of making decisions is unparalleled.

Trust shown towards team members - As he always says - If we don’t trust someone, why should we work with them. Either you trust completely or you dont trust. There cannot be partial trust. Very true.

Being fair - Be fair in all dealings, keep our standards high and never compromise on integrity.

Keeping cool in tense situations - Only the head which wears the crown - knows the weight of it. It is amazing how he never looses his cool. Being composed in tense situations is an art.

Always ready and eager to guide and help - From the lowest to the top most - any person in the organization - KV is always available for help. Just write to him and I assure you - he will go extra miles to help you.

and above all - have fun - A very cheerful and happy leader - always ready to have fun :)

Few highlights of the visit :

  1. a.) Signing of a big contract - MedikaBazaar.
  2. b.) Tie-up with IIT Jammu
  3. c.) Tie-up with London City University

Hoping to see him more often !!


Leo’s Roar

By Leon

Yes, this is Leon. I’m filling in for my twin brother Leo while he’s home in Gujarat renewing his H1L visa (that’s the special visa for lions). I think he’s in Ahmedabad, but I’m not sure. He hasn’t called or written me since he’s been home in India. Guess he’s having too much fun. Maybe he’ll show up on the Org-wide call this month. Hope so!

In the meantime, I’ve been exploring with Dean.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Seems like a contradiction doesn’t it. But stop and think about it. If you plow full speed ahead, without regard for the circumstances, you’re liable to overshoot your target … and then you’re in big trouble. I learned this at the Virginia International Raceway (VIR) last weekend when I attended a series of road races with Dean and several new friends. We spent the entire day watching everything from Mazdas to Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches compete on an irregular road course … where the cars hit over 150 mph in the straight aways and must negotiate tight turns at 50 mph or less. The Grand West Course is 4.100 mi (6.598 km) with 28 turns … and the cars were running a lap in under 1 minute and 50 seconds at average speeds of 84 mph! That takes a lot of concentration, precision driving techniques, and flawless performance from the car you’re driving. That’s why slow is smooth, smooth is fast. You can’t speed down the straight away and then jam on your brakes. You must smoothly transition to keep from overshooting, driving off the roadway into the rough, or fishtailing and losing too much speed as you overcompensate. Lessons are learned the hard way in a race … you lose. There’s only one winner. And after this 2-hour and 40-minute race there was only 0.823 seconds between the first and second place cars! Amazing performance.

Slow is smooth … smooth is fast!

This simple statement applies to our work, too. Coding, developing new software solutions, requires precision, well thought out logic and efficient sub routines to provide the best performing software. We can’t just sit down and scribble out code fast and call it a day. Speed is important, but it’s not the only factor. Turning out efficient bug-free programs is more important. Take the time to master your art. Global Vox will win more races when you produce more efficient high-performing code.

Reflections on growing up …

Come to think of it, my mother gave me the same advice when I was growing up in the Gir National Forest. Every time I’d spot an antelope, roar, and dash off chasing him, only to lose him when I got tired and he kept running … my mother (she was the hunter in the family) would tell me to slow down, stalk my prey quietly until I was within striking distance, and then pounce. Good advice. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. She said something about watching a turtle race a rabbit (a hare, I think), and winning … but that’s a story for another day.

Next Month

I’m not sure what Dean has in store for me for next month, but I’m excited to spend time in the United States. It’s the end of summer here and the cooler fall weather is right around the corner. It’s something called football season, too. Not like football back home in India. The players here wear helmets and shoulder pads and hold onto the ball when they run. They don’t kick it with their feet like I learned to do. They call the football I know soccer, here. Go figure. I’ll have to give it a shot.

So … until next month, as Kunalsinh says, ““Be Safe, Work Hard, Eat Well, Sleep Tight”. I will!

Bye for now … Leon

PS … check out my photos from my day at the races!

Bye for now … Leon

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Our office being used for shooting of various movies and web series - over weekends. Sharing a video clip

Also a small role was taken up by Payal and Pratik. Picture of Pratik in the dubbing studio. The movie will release in the month of November

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