Last year showed me how fortunate I am to work with a team that consistently refuses to give anything less than 110% despite the pandemic. I have seen this team demonstrate the ability to preserve, adapt, and flourish. I am very close to the current situation in India, especially Ahmedabad. Together we have lost and are losing our near and dear ones every day and we all need to brave through this together. In last 4 weeks I have personally lost family members and have been on a roller coaster ride to protect a few others who are still in the turmoil and influence of COVID-19; they are still battling & fighting to recover.

I have learned it the hard way, pain is inevitable but suffering is not.

The last 17 months, though, have been excessively challenging. The confluence of the COVID-19 pandemic continues challenging us with multiple waves and instances of racial injustice, civil unrest, financial uncertainty, and record-shattering extreme climate events have exposed the deepest cracks in our society’s foundations and compelled us to marshal all our strength and resilience. During times of great uncertainty, we look to GlobalVox's purpose and shared values as our north stars. We remain committed to taking care of each other and leading the way for our people, our families, communities, and clients. Our values and cultures are higher than we have witnessed, and knowing that gives us confidence that both our organization and the world will rally again: and that we have a chance do more than just return to “normal". We can and should pursue a better normal. We are in this fight together and we would put all our energy together to sustain and get out of this for a better tomorrow.

I offer my prayers for all those who have lost near and dear ones and who are still braving the virus and more. Please feel free to reach out for any help needed and we would work as a team to help and support.

Director Message

A time of kindness and compassion

Hi team,

As we all know, together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation - something which was never witnessed earlier in our lifetimes - and we are all adapting to the new reality. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting our families, our communities, our organizations – indeed, it affects our perspective and way of life. As you are aware, at GV we have changed certain policies over the past few weeks ensuring our team is safe and healthy, while also delivering uninterrupted service and support to our customers.

As a company spread across multiple nations, we have been exposed to COVID-19 from the very early days. Infact, I was in China with KV in the month of December 2019, when it all started in Wuhan. We have seen the massive impact this novel coronavirus has had on all of us: from social distancing, to families being separated, illness and even death. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been impacted by the virus, directly or indirectly.

Even though there is no official lockdown from the government, we have taken a stand to keep working from home, till the situation stabilizes. It is heartwarming to see how our teams stay connected while being apart: from morning scrum meetings, to virtual discussions and end of day summarizations. I sometimes feel that we are more connected now than ever before.

As I myself, got infected by the virus - there are a few pieces of advice I want to share to minimize your odds of getting infected.

a) Inhale steam 3 times a day - at least. If you move out - then take steam immediately as you return. Mark my words, this alone can cut down your chances of infection by a huge %age.

b) Drink at least 3 liters of water every day. Drink it hot (not warm) sip by sip as much as possible.

c) Intake vitamin C, Zinc and vitamin D as much as possible. You can find them in oranges, mushrooms and for zinc > chana (chickpeas), watermelon seeds, muskmelon seeds

d) Mask is obvious - but wash your hands at least 4 times a day - with soap - and make sure to clean below the nails.

With the above 4 points, you can cut your chances of getting the infection significantly.

By God’s grace, I have recovered fully.

But, my heart goes out to all those who are affected, to our healthcare workers and all the support people who help keep our lives going. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Please stay safe – and stay at home!

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