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Dubai - How determination can make the impossible, possible.

No water.

Most of the land : Desert, sandy and windy.

Temperatures touching 50 degree centigrade.

That is how Dubai is. A country where even drinking water is scarce, and how it has transformed itself. It can leave you wondering on how they would have done it and that too in such a short span of around 30 years.

My first visit to UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) has left me mesmerized and reaffirms the saying -

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” – Napoleon Hill.

Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, once summed up his ambitions for the city in a simple sentence: “We want to be No. 1.” And today if you look at Dubai - he indeed is there.

World’s tallest building : Burj Khalifa

World’s most luxurious hotel : Burj Al Arab

World’s biggest ferris wheel : AIN dubai

World’s deepest swimming pool

World’s garden with maximum number of flowers

World’s fastest roller coaster : Ferrari world

World’s largest mall : The Dubai mall

Dubai has transformed itself to be one of the most sought after tourist + business destination. And they have achieved this against all odds. And against popular belief, Dubai has very little oil.

What do we learn ?

Well there are some life lessons that Dubai can teach us. It makes it evident that against all odds, if you have

Clear Goals

Strong Determination

Fast Execution

you can pretty much achieve anything in life.

Right from the start, Dubai wanted to be the ultraluxurious, the futuristic, the big and the bold. This vision translates into a clearly defined purpose coupled with passion. And the output is magical.

Imbibe the same principles and magic happens.


Leo’s Roar

It’s May already! We’re 5 months into 2022. Time flies when you’re having fun. May is the transition month … when it’s supposed to get warm here in the United States. And all the trees should be in full leaf. We’re almost there. The last two weeks in April were strange. It snowed here on the 18th (over an inch); warmed up to 80-degrees F (27 C) on the 22nd; and then dropped to 32-dgrees F (0 C) on the 25th with cold rain, sleet, and a tornado. We’re back to normal 60-degrees F (16 C) days now. Quite the roller coaster. So … I’m looking forward to much warmer temperatures in May.

Welcome to another installment of my thoughts on life. Today we’re going to talk about doubling down on our New Year’s Resolutions … taking another great leap forward. [Yeah, I like leaping. And roaring, too.] Grrr!

Doubling Down … a great leap forward for people (and lions)!

Now that we’re moving forward again, it’s time to step up the pace. Remember, last month we talked about not giving up. Moving ever forward … even if our progress to date hasn’t met our expectations. So now we want to capitalize on the whatever progress we’ve made and find ways to make up for lost time. The change of seasons brings new opportunities and new motivations.

New Year’s Resolutions

Which brings me back to my review of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2022. Let‘s quickly review our goals for 2022.

Personal Goals: Exercise, Diet, Skills, Certifications

We (Dean and I) are back into a regular pattern of exercise … running 3 miles (5 km) three times a week. And, we have our first 5K run on Saturday, 7 May. Wish us luck. Our goal is to finish high in our age group. We’re eating a balanced diet, too. Maintaining a constant weight. Yes, we’d like to lose a pound or two, but we’re in good shape … for our age.

Along with exercise, I’m watching my weight, too. Eating better, too. Can’t let this young lion’s body go to seed.

It’s skills and certifications where we need to improve. Hmmm … I think I’ve said that before. Well, I’m not giving up. I’ll double down and focus more in the coming month. Grrr! Oh, Dean did take a short course on Diversity, Equality of Opportunity, and Inclusion this past month. Good HR subjects.

Family, Friends, Co-workers

We (Dean and I) have mastered staying in touch with family and friends. We’re Zoom, FaceTime, email, text, and phone call fanatics. Feels good, too! In fact, we’re headed to Phoenix, Arizona at the end of May to meet one of Dean’s college roommates and drive with him cross country to Massachusetts. Probably a weeklong road trip. Lots of opportunities for pictures. Dean’s friend is retired from the US Army (like Dean), and a fan of railroad and military museums. Stand-by for pictures!

Keeping up with co-workers is more problematic. And, yes … we rely on the monthly org-wide Teams call to catch up. Hopefully, with the Covid pandemic subsiding, we can get back to international travel before too long. Out of sight isn’t out of mind. And that’s why its important to participate in the monthly calls … and share videos and pictures. Hint, hint … I’d like to see more of your pictures.

Community, Nation, World

This is still a hard one. I’m still grappling with how to be a better citizen. I need your help. How are you involved with the community? How do you help your neighbors? Dean has engaged with the local historical society and started to inquire about volunteering to help with emergency management and search & rescue. Stay tuned for more ideas in the coming months.

We’ll branch out into new areas next month … and catch up with our resolutions and goals quarterly going forward. In the meantime, as Kunalsinh says, “Be Safe, Work Hard, Eat Well, Sleep Tight”. I will!

Bye for now … Leo

GV Family Wishes You

Happy Birthday

Pratik Jain

5th May

Pratik is one of the strongest pillar of GlobalVox,according to him passion is something which has the power to make one forget to eat and sleep.His passion is to build creative, unusual and amazing products. He always feels that GlobalVox is a platform where we are all open to discuss their passions and ideas. He is also of a strong opinion that there cannot be a better life, than a life where purpose is driven by the passion.

Henil Mamaniya

13th May

Henil has done his MCA in computer science and working as a Associate Software Developer at GlobalVox since July 2020. He is a techno-geek and likes to take on challenges and learn new technologies.Henil is interested in uplifting the developer community.

Kishore Chokkapu

16th May

Kishore has completed his Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering from ITM Institutions India.He is working as an Associate Delivery Manager. He is been part of GlobalVox since Feb 21. Kishore is fond of traveling & doing adventures.

Payal Bhimani

31st May

Payal has completed her B.Sc in Instrumentation & Post Graduation Diploma in Human Resource Management. She is been with GlobalVox since April 21 as an . She loves numerology, tarot reading. She has also done few projects on Science of Architecture. Payal is a true believer of Cosmic force.

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-William Mougayar

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