March 2021


We are proud of all our employees the way they have stood up with us during these unprecedented times. GlobalVox top management team is working round the clock to ensure we identify our gaps and learn from our mistakes. "Learning never stops" and we at GlobalVox believe in this as it's written in stone. As during the new year we decided to be more focussed on sales and at this junction we are burning our midnight oil to put all the ducks in the row evolving into a sales organization and focusing on revenue. I am extremely excited and happy to see the transition from ZOHO to JIRA, this decision was one of the most rational decisions made on the operations front. Beyond implementing the new tool JIRA what excites me is how well its embraced. Executions are more important than decision making. I am grateful and thankful to the entire team as they all are contributing individually to tighten and smoothen the operational process. Keep the work going!

Pankaj Patel and Shreya Rathod’s recent visit was very refreshing and they have shared amazing stories and experiences whilst their stint in India, GlobalVox North America is thankful and grateful to each individual for giving them a warm welcome, we realized these trips should be done more often to build bonding between onshore and offshore team members.

I am planning to have more trips between offshore and onshore and vice versa and I envision more people from India coming down to the States to come and work with their counterparts in North America. This would give exposure / experience and a first hand feel of what it is to work in North America. Work culture differences, significant differences in approach and methodologies, time management, Quest for knowledge, encouragements of open debates and dissent, recognition of the right to pursuit success of the organization rather than individual. India and North America are an assimilation of many cultures and many people who are more different than alike and this offshoots the need to understand the common denominator.

I am planning to budget for planning process for cross pollination trips getting into March - April time frame and kick off the Visa formalities as soon as we are able to finish our formalities with immigration lawyers.

Thank you all for your patronage towards GlobalVox.

Director Message

Measure, Improve, Excel

The question that often comes to my mind is - how do companies build a culture of excellence ? It seems, to achieve excellence - we need to define excellence for a given process or initiative ? But this can only happen if the outcome or milestones of the process or initiative are measurable. As rightly said

So, there has to be mechanisms for measuring as many aspects of a business as possible.
I want to measure -

a) productivity and quality of developers
b) deliveries of managers
c) efficiency of cultural initiatives
d) attrition
e) cost of customer acquisition
f) customer loyalty and retention and satisfaction
g) business as per geographies and technology
i) leads to conversion rates
And so much more…

And when it comes to human resources, a strong way to measure performance is by asking and giving continuous feedback - for your peers, your managers and others. So let's measure to improve, to optimize and to excel.

GV Family Wishes You Happy Birthday

Parth Chokshi
Parth Chokshi
15th March
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Kirt Chana
27th March


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Holiday List

March 29th, 2021


Job Openings

Position Name: Sr. Java Developer
Experience:- Minimum 3-6 years
Frameworks/Technologies: Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Microservices, JWT, Hibernate
Location: Ahmedabad

Position Name: Angular Developer
Experience:- Minimum 2-5 years
Skills: Angular 7 and above, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Location: Ahmedabad

Position Name: Java Technical Lead
Experience:- 8-10 years
Skills: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Spring boot, Team Handling
Location: Ahmedabad

Position Name: Oracle Apps EBS-Technical Developer
Experience:- 3-6 years
Skills: Oracle Forms, Reports, Workflow, Oracle Applications API's
Location: Ahmedabad

Position Name: DevOps Engineer
Experience:- 3-5 years
Skills: AWS/ Oracle Cloud, Kubernates & Docker, Shell Scripting
Location: Ahmedabad

Welcome To GV Family

Patricia Pavon

Sales Representative

Patricia has 15+ years of extensive experience in customer service. She has joined Global Vox in February 2021. She will be actively involved in sales. She has her Associates Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing.

Welcome Aboard Patricia Pavon!

Bill Engblom

Account Executive

Bill has extensive work experience of 24+ years in client service and client accounts handling. He has his Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and Marketing. Prior to Global Vox, he was associated with VMware, Cisco Systems, Agilysys Inc., GE Access, etc. in the United States.

Welcome Aboard Bill Engblom!

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