This would be the 6th month for year 2021 and I wanted to remind each one of us the values and the culture GlobalVox carries, we all are roped in with the key values of courage, integrity, determination, innovation, agility, commitment, fearlessness and honesty.

Adding “LEO” as the symbolic gesture and mascot of GlobalVox formalizes the culture that fosters sense of belongingness towards this culture which is woven into GlobalVox. “LEO” has been waiting to get busy establishing relationships with each one of you and it’s our role to ensure we welcome each new member and put our belief in our mascot. Going forward “LEO” is our go-to candidate for all our concerns, issues and support. He will be a silent, unbiased listener and take a stand on your behalf as your voice toward management. I request Pratik to enable the communication channels with “LEO” and share the details with entire organization.

The month of June will be very important for Miami office as I do see a few implementations and deliveries lined up. This will be an opportunity for members supporting implementations to learn the ropes of what it takes to successfully deliver and implement a world-class product.

Sustainability and Growth are the key focus for GlobalVox getting into the month of June. And while the Leadership of the organization is busy implementing the overarching strategies to execute the plan around it, the expectation for the operations and development team is to continue getting iron strong on their talent by learning new skills sets and continue getting certified towards their goals and internal growth within the organization. All the talent and leadership of GlobalVox continues to adjust to new challenges and opportunities that arise to develop sustainable solutions and innovative approaches for our clients, which is a reflection of our commitment to evolve and give our best towards our deliverables. GlobalVox is focused on building resiliency in our business model through long term planning and prioritizing current workloads to mitigate risks. Operating sustainably is a continuous journey and not a fixed destination. You have my commitment to continuously put in effort towards the bright future for all of us.

I personally thank you all for your untiring efforts, hard work and dedication you have demonstrated in these challenging times of Global pandemic, and I wish better health and safety for you and your families.

Director's Message

The mathematics of happiness

Year 2020, January :

  • - My domestic help (Raju) bought a new bicycle
  • - Same day I bought a new car
  • - Raju spends : 8 thousand Rs
  • - I spend : more than 800 thousand Rs
  • - Happiness derived by Raju : 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 - 10 being the max
  • - Happiness derived by me : 6 on 10.

I could see that Raju was elated for a complete week, while my happiness faded in 2 days.

I felt shortchanged.

Felt as if Raju could buy more happiness in 100th cost. His bicycle was worth more happiness than my car.

But wait, at the first place, is this comparison justified ? Is happiness different to different people ? Can you measure happiness ? We often hear people say that - I am very happy, I am extremely happy, I am kind of happy …. But what is real happiness and how much is good enough ?

Afterall, the ultimate objective of all our deeds is to bring in more and more happiness. I too am in this continuous pursuit. Sharing 2 cents of my understanding on happiness. From my experience -

- Happiness mostly comes in spikes. These spikes are momentarily - mostly derived when we win

- Happiness has a fleeting nature, it gradually fades over time.

- Happiness has a “forgetting factor”. Happiness derived from previous wins fades away with time. The same win cannot keep giving the same amount of happiness.

- Happiness has a loose connection with money. Though money can buy happiness, but it is limited to an extent. Beyond a point the power of money to buy happiness, fades

- An entire day of hard meaningful work brings in more happiness than tiredness. Actually it makes you happy and not tired.

- Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Be as honest, upfront and transparent as you can. Trust me it is not easy, but start practicing this and your life quality uplifts.

- Relationships bring happiness when they are fresh. Long lasting happiness in all relationships can only come if there is great mutual respect for each other.

- Love people and use things. (not the other way round)

- But beyond all this - I guess happiness has a lot to do with expectations.

As per me, the Happiness Equation can be expressed as :

Your happiness is greater or equal to

The difference between

The events of your life and

Your expectations of how life should behave

So can we say that one easy way to go through life is to have low expectations? Well yes, Unfortunately it's true. So what if something harsh happens to you ? "Solve for Happy" - is what I do. That concept is a concept I call "committed acceptance". "Committed acceptance" teaches us to accept the harshness of life, and also to commit after you accept. So tell yourself - "okay, something happened and I cannot do anything about it, but I'm going to try to do my best to make tomorrow a little better than today, and after tomorrow a little better than tomorrow."

Love, peace, happiness to all

GV Family Wishes You Happy Birthday

Bhavik Patel
Bhavik Patel
2nd June


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