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Busy Vs. Productive: Which One Are You?

The most productive and efficient people are those that “own their day” versus letting their day own them. They work to maximize their time to be as productive as possible, not just busy.

Being productive is the core of every high level achiever in the game. Think Elon Musk.

What does it actually mean to be ‘busy’ anyway?

It means having a great deal to do. When you are constantly busy, you may feel like you have a lot going on. However, in reality, you are probably accomplishing very little!

So what’s the solution? You need to rest your brain, take stock, step back, pause in the moment, and be brutally honest about what you can and cannot get done. First, you should develop a new understanding of the dangers of being busy and ‘always on’. And then you can move to a new understanding of the difference between what is urgent and what is important. And ultimately you achieve a better work balance.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, the former general and former president of the United States, devised the ‘Eisenhower Decision Matrix’. He said, “What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” (seldom == rarely). Most people fall into the trap of believing that all urgent activities are also important. See the matrix below and try to divide your tasks into these 4 quadrants.

You aim is to be productive, not just busy.

Key points -

Busy people are hell-bent on fitting in more things into their day and to-do list. Productive people cut their to-do list thoughtfully by 50 percent.

Productive people know the difference between "urgent" and "important."

Productive people focus on things which take them closer to the bigger goal.

Productive people think before saying YES - because every yes is a commitment and an expense of time. Productive people say NO to things which are no so important.

Productive people do the difficult and dreaded work first. Hit them HEAD-ON

Busy people focus on action. Productive people focus on clarity before action

Busy people talk about how busy they are. Productive people let their results do the talking

Busy people want other people to be busy. Productive people want others to be effective

So team, lets stop being busy and get effective and productive.


Leo’s Roar

Wow … it’s June! Halfway through the year. Time passes fast when you’re having fun. And 2022 is turning into a fun year. Certainly much better than the last three. And we’re seeing business pick up, too! That’s very good news. Dean met Kunalsinh, Hiren, Pankaj, and Rohit in New York last week to open a new engagement with NCD … a distribution company that supplies independent convenience stores, gas stations, and quick marts. A great new logo!

And the weather is improving, too. In Virginia we’re seeing daily temperatures of 80° F (27° C). And lots of rain. A lot better than the day Dean ran the 5K Trail Run last month. It was only in the 60s° F (°16 C) with a light rain. Oh … and the first mile (1.6 km) climbed 606 feet (185 meters). It was exhausting, but Dean finished second in his age group (there were only 2 runners over 70 years old) and actually finished ahead of three 20-year old runners! He did pretty good considering he last ran a trail run 45 years ago..

So … given everything that’s happened last month, I want to focus this month on exploiting opportunities. Seize the initiative! And.Ike a good lion, leap ahead!

Leaping Ahead

Opportunities are fleeting. You can’t delay a decision to accept or reject an opportunity … or it will vanish before your eyes. You have to be ready to strike when the opportunity presents itself. I learned that from my dad. Of course he was talking about hunting food, but the idea is the same. Hesitate and someone else will claim the prize. That’s why we educate and train ourselves to master our profession. So we’re ready when our skills and talents are needed. Hmmm … sounds like our pursuit of certifications pays dividends. It does! In spades. Ask Rohit. His preparation secured his selection for the NCD engagement … and opened the door for Kunalsinh to expand the engagement five-fold. Well done Rohit! And well done Kunalsinh!


Let’s shift gears and talk about people … ours and our clients. People, good people (like Rohit) impress us and our clients. They’re the reason and the vehicle, for seizing the initiative, taking advantage of opportunities. And, they build the bonds of professional friendship that ensure project success. A relationship where both parties strive for success. I’m seeing that develop in this new engagement with NCD. From the CEO and CIO down to the warehouse employees, we’re building personal relationships at every level. And don’t forget … even the lowest employee in the company is key to the success of our mission. Everyone plays a role. And, in many cases, the lowest employee knows more about the working of the company than the CEO. So, it’s vitally important to interact positively with everyone you meet on a project. Dean tells the story, as a young engineer with Shell Oil, talking to the much older roughnecks in the oil fields who were going operate the projects he designed. He solicited their input. They weren’t engineers, many just had a high school education, but they knew what worked and what didn’t work in the field. With their advice, Dean’s projects were very successful. His peers, who wouldn’t talk to anyone who didn’t match their education level, had success rates much lower than Dean. A life lesson learned. You can always learn from the guys and girls at the lowest operating level, no matter their education or social status. And you can make lasting friends, too.

Postscript: New Year’s Resolutions

Just a quick update on our (Dean’s and my) progress fulfilling our resolutions. We’re back on track! We’re exercising more, eating better, and working on our relationships with family and friends. Dean is in Arizona now visiting his college roommate. By the way … the temperature there has been 105° F (41° C), but with very little humidity. Dean will drive from Arizona to Massachusetts with his good friend. A grand road-trip across the United States. A perfect way to renew a 58-year friendship!

So … until next month, as Kunalsinh says, ““Be Safe, Work Hard, Eat Well, Sleep Tight”. I will!

Bye for now … Leo

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