Dear team members of GlobalVox,

I pray everyone is at the best of their health and spirits.

The month of June has a high significance as it hosts the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, plus it’s the middle of the year and midpoint of growing between planting and harvesting. And something similar is happening at GlobalVox where it’s a bit early to harvest and the plantings are slowly sprouting.

Since the beginning of this year, I have talked about everything in my power as a CEO to make sure we are in the position to change gears to be a solid sales organization. The runway was short, and the challenges a heavy burden due to the global pandemic. Deciding to focus on sales for the Miami office’s security and ID practice demanded making short-term adjustments as well as long-term structural changes that allow us to sustain and survive while we strive to meet our projected revenues.

The month of June was an important milestone for us to implement our EaseVisitor application for an ITAR customer, RE Darling. It was our first client in compliance which involved onsite implementation, training, and hyper care support. I am proud to say we did a successful implementation at RE Darling’s Tucson, Arizona location. I’m truly grateful to the onsite and offsitee team who supported this event to help us get a solid reference. This is our first victory in the compliance vertical to provide a product which was been developed over the past 2 years … and it’s a wonderful experience to see EaseVisitor go live.

I am also honored to Introduce Mark Bullock as our new team member at GlobalVox filling the role of Chief Security Advisor to support our Security and ID practice. Mark has served the United States as an FBI agent, an FBI special agent, and as an FBI assistant director within the Senior Executive Services (the equivalent of a military general officer). I know his leadership and experience will influence and open doors for GlobalVox in the security and ID domain. I welcome Mark Bullock on board.

GlobalVox has also started a new initiative around managed IT services. Vikram, from his UK office has put significant effort working with Pratik, Hiren, and Pankaj to form the structure and business model. The website for Managed Services should be in production by end of this week. The focus for this new initiative will be around sales and lead generation before we put operations in place.

There are tough times ahead ... but there are glimmers of hope too! And there is more work to be done. I'm confident today’s leadership changes will put GlobalVox in a yet better position to drive our near-term goals and long-term vision.

Thank you all for making us reach where we are today, eat well sleep well and enjoy the journey.

Director Message

A course in HIP

Just came back from Mumbai - and was saddened how the city is into shambles. Rains - every year play a havoc with the infrastructure and cleanliness of the financial capital city of India.

Got me wondering how some countries have transformed so positively in three to four decades (viz., Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai) whereas some countries like India, have not been able to stop or even slow down the downward spiral of un-development in almost seventy years. As a matter of fact, things have gone from bad to worse on the front of availability of potable water, infrastructure, education, poverty eradication, etc.

Why do we see only pockets of real development throughout the country; I do not consider construction of a few buildings/hotels/hospitals as development. What would it take to see a country with a good network of roads criss-crossing neat and tidy villages and cities that are not littered; where the citizens do not have to depend on bottled water to quench their thirst; where availability of electricity is as dependable as sunrise everyday? To my mind, it does not take much - honestly. It only takes HIP - Honesty, Integrity and Patriotism with a dash of self discipline. But every soul of the country worth his/her salt has to be HIP, and to the T. I should not even think of cheating in an exam just because the supervisor has her back to me; rather I should not cheat even if the supervisor is not present in the non CCTV covered room - that would be integrity.

If I refrain from throwing garbage on the road because it would dirty the street of 'my city', 'my state' and 'my country', I am being patriotic. If I am being considerate to the other motorist, to the pedestrian, I am being patriotic. I need to have a sense of doing something good and right for the betterment of my mother land and my fellow citizens.

I recently read the Rotary's 4-way test. It was formulated by Rotarian Herbert J Taylor more than 60 years ago and tested in the trying times of the Great Depression in the US. I am amazed how it still holds so true.

The 4-Way Test Of Things We Think, Say Or Do

1: Is it the truth?

2: Is it fair to all concerned?

3: Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

4: Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

It is easy to be bad, but it is not difficult to be good. Why don't we strive to be HIP all the time and spread the message to make this great, culturally- and heritage rich country the best country in the world.

"It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit."

- Noël Coward

GV Family Wishes You Happy Birthday

Dean Kershaw
Dean Kershaw
1st July

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Welcome To GlobalVox Family

Nisha Dadlani
Nisha Dadlani
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Mark Bullock
Chief Security Advisor

EASEVisitor Deployment at Re Darling

R. E. Darling Co., Inc. is a leading composite manufacturing company, specializes in rubber mixing, molding and EPDM rubber for industrial insulations and catering to Defense and Aerospace clients.

EASEVisitor is a quick and easy to use visitor management system, that fits your organization’s needs. EASEVisitor works seamlessly over one or more facilities and offers a customizable and scalable solution to manage your visitors.

Our client, RE darling, approached Globalvox to implement a system that would make visitor management system smooth and easier. Being a vendor to defense and aerospace industry, R E Darling falls under ITAR compliance and which makes it more difficult for them to be compliant with all sensitive information and trade related norms.

Previously, R.E Darling, used to manage its visitors manually, making the process all the more tedious and time consuming. Screening foreign visitors against watchlist, collecting their citizenship specific information and recording their whole visit becomes easy for R E Darling front desk and compliance team with new Visitor management System- EASE Visitor.

After EASEVisitor's implementation, it has made whole visitor management process very quick and easy.

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Experience: 3-6 year
Skills required: Installation guides, Administrator guides release notes and technical blog content
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