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My Learnings from the Pandemic

Today, I came across a piece of news – as mentioned in point #1 below. It got me thinking about how pandemic has affected – lives of so many of us – both for good and bad. Bad of course because of the loss of lives, but good because it got many of us to come out of our inhibitions and shell, to realize our true potential.

Covid is beginning to raise its head again. But for sure, we are all much more prepared now.

Sharing my top 5 observations and learnings from Covid:

  • 1. Go Big or Go Home:

    This stood out for me. In life, our inherent skills, our passions need most attention and care. Be it coding or simply cooking. Sharing with you a post that went viral recently and caught my attention. A middle-aged woman ‘Patil- Kaki’ from a non-descript town in Maharashtra, rose to the occasion, when her husband lost his job due to pandemic. She transformed a small-scale home-based business into a multi crore venture. Read more here :

  • 2. Uncertainty is way of life:

    It began when the pandemic hit. From job security to life- everything seemed to be at stake. As days passed, my friends and family got gripped with COVID and the future seemed uncertain. When lockdown was announced in India, we were in the midst of important delivery of our project with OCR. And suddenly – everything stalled. All in all, as they say – Man proposes, God Disposes. Life has its own ways and can be extremely unpredictable.

  • 3. Duty Above All:

    I am sure each one of you knows at least one person who was a ‘front line worker.’ Hospital staff, Sanitization Workers, Police, Ambulance Drivers, Volunteers--all put their lives at risk against the deadly virus to save ours. I watched in amazement and respect, as a close friend of mine, who is a doctor, worked tirelessly for over 48 hours, without rest or sleep. Like him, we are indebted to thousands of unknown people who kept us going. This taught me --- that above all, duty comes first, choose service over comforts.

  • 4. Save for a ‘Rainy Day’:

    Our parents and grandparents, have been telling generations after generations to save money, to be wise, to be prepared for the ‘unknown’. This golden advice held true 100 years ago and still holds true. I realized, how little I really needed of material things to be happy, and how so much more I craved for support and understanding of my family, my friends and my coworkers when the going got tough. I made a #notetomyself to think twice every time I want to buy a new glitzy gadget, for sure!

  • 5. Masks Save Lives:

    The pandemic is not over yet. It’s a crisis, even the strongest economies will take years to recover from. I want to urge you to not become careless about your own safety and the safety of your friends and family. Wear a mask, wash your hands and follow all COVID protocols. Stay Safe, work hard and make each day count!

  • Signing off – with my favorite quote:

    “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” -- Charles Darwin


Leo’s Roar

Grrrrr! I’m really feeling my oats today. Dean has invited me to accompany him to visit NCD, our client in New York, this week. I’m excited! It will be my first visit to a customer site. I’m nervous, too. How should I behave? What will I wear? What if they don’t like lions? Dean tells me not to worry, it’ll be just fine. I should just be myself … but not roar too loud. That’s good advice. Be yourself. Actually, that’s good advice in every interpersonal (interlion) interaction. Just be yourself. Don’t put on airs or act all goofy. Be professional, personable, and polite. I can do that!

Golden Rule

Come to think of it … my father taught me something similar. He always said to treat other lions (and people) like I wanted everyone to treat me. With respect and dignity. He would speak to every lion (and person) he’d meet on the trail. And as long as they behaved well, he wouldn’t eat them. There’s a lesson to be learned here. He called it the Golden Rule. Treat everyone as equals, until they show you they aren’t. And most of the time even the lowest animal would play nice. It was only occasionally that someone tried to bully me, my sisters, or my mother … and then my dad would pounce on them. So, I’ve always done my best to show respect to everyone I meet. Whether I know them or not. It’s just good lion sense. Although, once I heard it referred to as good horse sense. Either way, treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

Customer Visits

Let’s build on the Golden Rule and talk about customer visits. Whenever you visit a client site, or the client visits our offices, we want to impress them with our professionalism, personable (friendly) manner, and politeness. We want to build confidence in our ability to solve their problems and deliver peerless and timely services. They (the client or customer) need to know that their success is our priority. When they succeed, we succeed. To accomplish this, we need to follow three simple steps (in priority order):

1) Satisfy the Customer

That doesn’t mean the customer is always right. In fact, many times the customer is wrong. But you have satisfy him or her. That means you have to take the time to explain both how and why you’re taking actions to help them. You have to convince them what you’re doing is right. And don’t hesitate to ask a co-worker or your supervisor to help. Never tell a customer it’s not your job. Find the right person. Go the extra mile.

2) Pick up Trash

No, you’re not a janitor and I don’t expect you to spend all of your time cleaning up, but … it never hurts to keep a clean work area. A clean and neat work area projects a sense of professionalism and order. It builds confidence. But what this really means is do what’s necessary to get the job done. Even if it’s a task that’s normally done by someone at a lower grade. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and do even the simplest of tasks if it will get the job done.

3) Do the Job you’re hired to do, and do it well

Wait a minute. This list is in priority and the last item is do the job you’re hired to do? Yep! Our job is to make our clients successful by solving their problems. And, while it’s extremely important you do your job to the best of your abilities, the two previous tasks are equally important … maybe even more important. It’s all about attitude!

The more positive you are in demonstrating your willingness to help our clients succeed the more we will succeed. I guarantee it! At least my father told me he would guarantee it. And I always believe my father. He never let me down

Next Month

That’s enough for this month. My dad told me to be concise when I speak or write. Get to the point. He taught me to “Stand up, speak up, and sit down.” Time to sit down

So … until next month, as Kunalsinh says, ““Be Safe, Work Hard, Eat Well, Sleep Tight”. I wil

Bye for now … Leo

GV Family Wishes You

Happy Birthday

Dean Kershaw

1st July

Dean has been part of GlobalVox since 2.6 yrs. His area of interests are computers(anything of apple), traveling across the world and reading science fiction, military history and geopolitics. He is more passionate in mentoring the upcoming generation of military & industry leaders.

Jainam Doshi

18th July

Jainam has completed his MCA from GLS University. He is working with us as an Associate Software Engineer- Intern Jainam is fond of traveling and watching movies.


4th Of July

The Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4th, 1776—and thus, America was born. American citizens celebrate America’s birthday with festivals, parades, fireworks, barbecues, sparklers, and other festive activities. America declared its independence from Great Britain.

Before America was its own country, it was comprised of 13 colonies established by Great Britain. The first colony was settled in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607. European countries, especially Great Britain, continued to colonize America throughout the 17th century and a good portion of the 18th century. By 1775, an estimated 2.5 million settlers lived in the 13 colonies: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

In June 1776, Continental Congress meeting was held in Philadelphia. Here, Virginia statesman Richard Henry Lee proposed a motion for the colonies to declare independence from Britain. A committee was formed to draft an official independence document, which became known as the Declaration of Independence. On July 2, 1776, Lee’s motion for independence was approved. Two days later, on July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was officially adopted—and America became a free nation. After declaring independence, America continued to fight in the Revolutionary War and officially defeated Great Britain in September 1783.

The history of the 4th of July is incredibly interesting. The few facts are:

  • Although the 4th of July has been celebrated each year since 1776, it didn’t become a federal holiday until 1870. And it didn’t become a paid holiday for federal employees until 1941.

  • Each year Americans light about 200 million pounds of fireworks, which is $247,100,000 worth. 

  • The Statue of Liberty is America’s symbol of freedom. The torch represents enlightenment, and it lights the path to liberty and freedom. The official name is “Liberty Enlightening the World.” It was designed by French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi just in time for the centennial celebration of the Declaration of Independence. The tablet she is holding has the date July 4, 1776, engraved on it.

coming together is a beginning
keeping together is a progress
working together is a success

~Henry Ford

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