May higher responsibilities come with a higher degree of power and a wide range of comforts to make your life grand in this New Year! I pray with my deepest wishes on behalf of all my employees, all consultants, and every individual associated with GlobalVox for well-being, Joy & great success.

I’m excited to announce our new office which is coming to life in the second week of January. I’m thankful to all who have worked hard extra hours to make this happen and finally make this a success.


GlobalVox and the entire world have braved a solid year “2020” and this year has made us stronger than ever! Just like the events like the great depression and Hiroshima Nagasaki year 2020 would be remembered as one of the most devastating years in history especially by kids who could not go to schools and by those people who lost their loved ones.

This year we want to “pull the bull by the horn” to come back with solid force and passion to never look back. Let’s put all our energy together with positivity and passion to ensure we make a dent and create a history for GlobalVox in 2021.

Director Message

My Team, My Dream


As we are planning to shift to our new office - in next 2 weeks - I got thinking about the journey from 1st April 2019 to Jan 2021 🙂. As we get into 2021, I feel how exciting and adventurous these long 21 months have been. I look back on the mistakes we made, some decisions that went wrong, some choices
which turned out to be excellent and lots more.

But in the midst of all this, I want to thank my team - which stood by and which is helping me realize my dreams. This feeling of gratitude is urging me to share with you all - what I dream of - how I want the journey ahead to be - what excites me - what will GV shape into, in coming months.

Sharing some thoughts - and would love all of you to write to me - with your thoughts. The mission for 2021 is to rise and shine. The manifesto is -

- Working at GV should be enriching experience for each GVite. Their knowledge, wisdom, expertise - all should get positively impacted.

- GV should be an inspirational place to work. Those working here should be proud of it, and those not - should envy you.

- Have the best policies and processes - which are team friendly, sensitive to the company's expectations, and have the right mix of flexibility, authority and accountability.

- Focus on bringing in more transparency, integrity and professionalism

- Appreciate and encourage creativity and innovation - in all that we do.

- Work smarter and keep refining - to the optimal level. Strengthen our tech capabilities - by continuous training and development.

Of course, these things are easier said than done. But I cannot do it alone. This should be OUR DREAM. So please write to me - and share your thoughts, your ideas, best practices as per your past experiences etc. Share how you would want things at GV to be.

2020, had been a crazy year. COVID impacted businesses world - wide. A Lot of us learned working from home in an efficient manner. But sometimes it may feel like your hard work is not appreciated. Be assured that your journey, your achievements, and your value is noticed. I see you working long hours. Sometimes staying past your time to complete those tasks. I see you pulling together as a team as resources keep being pulled away from you. I see you giving up precious time with your family to give that time to our cause and dreams. None of this goes unnoticed. Although some days feel like an uphill battle, we have come a long way. The progress we have made has paved the way for future success and resiliency. And as they say, if it doesn’t kill you - it only makes you stronger. So 2020 only made us stronger and more resilient. We now are more open to working from home and that itself opens up doors to the huge talent which can work remotely for us. Pradyna in our team is a classic example of this. We never met her - but her commitment and quality of work has always been excellent.

With 2021 - lets rise and shine and I want to thank those who stood with us in this journey so far.

GV Family Wishes You Happy Birthday

Rajan Kashiyani
Kunalsinh Vaghela
January 03
Rajan Kashiyani
Rajan Kashiyani
January 05
Disha Shah
Disha Shah
January 06
Hiren Bhimani
Hiren Bhimani
January 11
Sahil Dewan
Sahil Dewan
January 13
Kavya Magdum
Kavya Magdum
January 18
Shiva Ramoutar
Shiva Ramoutar
January 21
Jaydeep Zalavadiya
Jaydeep Zalavadiya
January 24


January 1st, 2021

New Year

January 14th, 2021


January 15th, 2021

Vasi Uttarayan

January 26th, 2021

Republic Day of India

Kentrade – Production Roll Out

– Luvdeep Mahani

Although I shared my views over Org wide call last month, just thought to add few lines to showcase the TEAM COLLABORATION.

  • Dedicated development and testing enabled us to reach to the UAT stage
  • During the UAT, there were few observations from Kentrade Team, and we got them fixed with quality and on time. Eventually, received the UAT report for successful completion
  • Then, we initiated the calls to Strategize the production roll out
  • During the discussions, jotted down additional tasks and after proper analysis and estimation, planned for production roll out in a week’s time.

A super busy week for the team and got the success of Production Roll out!!! Client is happy and satisfied with the application.

Am really glad to appreciate the dedication and commitment showed by the team members:

  • Henil – Took complete command on Development, along with Hardik R and Vivek.
  • Preyas – In charge of Quality Checks, and even going beyond to schedule the internal progress calls on daily basis and pushing entire team to accomplish the set tasks
  • Kirt – A silent Killer – Very Strong Client Communication and gave demo to Client during Production Roll Out meeting
  • Khayali – Prepared and updated User Manuals, in line with latest application version
  • Mayank – Did the entire code review before roll out, and suggested very important pointers to Henil to enhance the code for better application performance
  • Jaydeep – Got the SSL Implementation done
  • Special thanks to Hardik G and Jignesh, who provided quick support to Henil, inspite of their ongoing projects
  • Ashish / Jay – mentored Henil whenever required, during initial phases of development

A project team looks really lean on paper, however cross team interaction and support in the need of an hour, really shows the Team Bonding And Flexibility to help each other to grow. That’s the ACHIEVEMENT in real sense. Proud to have such a great team.

Welcome To GV Family

Maharshi Parikh

QA Engineer

Maharshi has 1.5 years of experience as a QA-Engineer. He is actively involved in Manual Testing and has experience in both functional and non-functional Testing. He has pursued his Master in Computer Application from L.J. Institute of Computer Application, Ahmedabad. Prior to joining Gobal Vox he was associated with Lodestone Software Pv. Ltd.

He will be a great asset to Global Vox Family.

Welcome Aboard Maharshi!

Team Contribution


ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certification – Last Mile

- Luvdeep Mahani

I am really glad to share the insights of ISO Certification activities that we have done over a few months. We all understand the signification of ISO Standards.


Web Scraping using Jsoup in Java

- Henil Mamaniya

Hi techies, here I am trying to share some information regarding the term “Web Scraping” & will discuss about the good tool (library) available in java to do so.

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • UAE
  • India