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end nor a beginning

but a going on

Stopping by Woods on a

Snowing Evening

Director's Message

Coder or Engineer ?

I always ask this question to the new teammates that join us - what is the difference between a coder and a software engineer ? The way, I see it is - coders focus on creating functional code - and mostly it stops there. A software engineer has a broader perspective. They design software from an engineering perspective with consideration for end-users, clients, and business needs. Software engineers are also programmers themselves.

A coder - jumps to write the code at the first opportunity.

A engineer - focuses on the end goal to be achieved and writing code is the last leg of the objective.

Also an engineer goes beyond what is part of the project and focuses on continuous honing of his/her craft(skills). His abilities cannot be determined or limited by the scope of a project. This kind of a 360 degree approach makes a complete engineer.

At GlobalVox - I personally want each member of our tech-team to develop the mindset of an engineer - and go beyond simple coding. Listed below are the 3 areas that I believe each techie should always focus on for a 360 degree upgrade.

Wisdom & Maturity

Grow in both directions

Vertical and Horizontal


How many experts do you know in your domain?

Exposure brings wisdom

webinars / videos / books / whitepapers

Tech Skills

All your learning is passive

Did you ever realise?

Proactive upgradation

- JD
- Assessments
- Hands on Tasks
- Associated tech stuff



Is it clear ? Is it fluent ?
Its not only about ENGLISH.


Your CV, Emails, Documents, Code, dressing Sense - everything represents you. Present PERFECTION

Leo’s Roar

Greetings! My topic this month is not what I expected it to be. We had our first snow of the season at the beginning of the week. A total of 6-8 inches of snow! Wasn’t too difficult to shovel. Had the driveway cleared in about two hours. But I didn’t anticipate the melting snow would refreeze once the sun went down. And when Dean and I went out late Tuesday evening to check the driveway, we slipped on an icy spot, and we both went down … hard. I broke my fall with my right paw (as did Dean) and I suffered a compound fracture of my wrist. Went to the Emergency Room at the local hospital on Wednesday morning and they confirmed it was broken and placed it in a temporary cast. Will see the orthopedic specialist on Monday and get a more permanent (and hopefully smaller) cast. No running for a while and no push-ups for months. Expect I’ll be in a cast for 6-8 weeks. Derails several of my New Year’s resolutions. But … such is life. Which brings me to my topic, Unexpected Events.

Unexpected Events

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to plan for the unexpected. Yes, you can anticipate some ups and downs … but not everything. So, you must adopt a generous attitude and take life as it comes. And realize that you cannot insulate yourself from the unexpected. You just deal with it. I never expected to enter 2022 with my forearm in a sling. Not in my wildest dreams. And don’t even think I’m feeling sorry for myself. I appreciate that it could have been worse. And others my be dealing with much worse events. I’m thankful for the things in my life that weren’t impacted more by my accident. Easy to say when you only have your forearm in a sling and are typing with one hand (one finger actually). Almost impossibly hard when you lose a close friend or family member to an accident or failing health. [Dean knows this is true. In the last two weeks he’s lost a niece to cancer (she was in her 40s), his daughter lost her future mother-in-law to cancer (she was in her 60s), and Dean lost a very special friend and mentor to a stroke (he would have turned 95 on 1 January). We all know we’re going to die … we just don’t know when. And even when the writing is on the wall and medical authorities tell you to expect it, it’s still a shock. But life goes on. We need to remember that. Live goes on. And we need to live our lives to the fullest, as our loved ones would want us to, treasuring every moment and every friend and family member. That’s the lesson I’ve learned. Life goes on.

The New Year: 2022

So, while the opening days of 2022 have been challenging for me, I’m not losing sight of the potential for this to be a grand year for Global Vox … as we welcome Kunalsinh back from his sabbatical and learn of his new directions for the company. The new year promises to be exciting and challenging in many new ways. But we’ve learned from our experiences, and we’re excited to confront the future with open arms (paws in lion-speak). Life goes on. I’m ready for whatever comes my way.

We’ll catch up on my New Year’s resolutions next month. In the meantime, as Kunalsinh says, ““Be Safe, Work Hard, Eat Well, Sleep Tight”. I will!

Bye for now … Leo

GV Family Wishes You

Happy Birthday

Rajan Kashiyani

5th January

Rajan has completed his B.E. in Computer Engineer at Gujarat Technological University. He has been working with GlobalVox since 1.5 yrs as a Software Engineer. He has total 3.5 yrs of exp. Rajan is fond of Listening song & Playing cricket.

Hiren Bhimani

11th January

Hiren has been working with GlobalVox since 2.5 yrs as a Vice President in Business Development. He has a vast experience of 17 yrs into corporate industry. Hiren is a foodie and is fond of road traveling. He also loves to hangout with friends and spend qualitative time with his family.

Krishna Rathod

11th January

Krishna Rathod has completed her MCA from Rollwala Computer Centre,Gujarat University. She has been working with GlobalVox since 10 months as a Associate Software Engineer. Krishna is fond of listening music, traveling, bird watching and learn new technologies.

Kavya Magdum

18th January

Kavya has completed her MBA in Production and Finance from Bharati Vidyapeeth University. She is been associated with GlobalVox from 2 yrs as a Executive Lead -Sales . She has total 8+yrs of experience. She is fond of reading, singing, playing musical instruments and swimming.

Jaydeep Zalavadiya

24th January

Jaydeep has done his MCA from GLS University. He is working with GlobalVox as a Software Engineer since 2.3 yrs. He has 3.3 yrs of total experience. Jaydeep is fond of traveling and playing cricket.



1st January 2022
New Year
14th January 2022
26th January 2022
Republic Day



Uttarayan (known as Makar Sakranti in other parts of India) is the day when the sun starts to travel northwards marking the decline of winter. The days become longer, the skies clearer and the breeze cooler. A feeling of anticipation, joy and jubilation grips all who celebrate the occasion of thanksgiving and merry-making.

Gujarat celebrates 2,000 festivals every year! Among these, the festival of Uttarayan is one of the grandest and stands tall. Uttarayan/ Makarsakranti holiday when every family can be met outdoors. People of all ages fly kites from dawn to dusk. Crowded rooftops, fun-loving rivalry to outdo each other in kite flying skills.

History & Significance of Uttarayan

The fascination and the revelry associated with the kite flying cuts across age groups, class, and communities. Although Uttarayan is predominantly a Hindu festival marking the awakening of the gods from their deep slumber, history has it that India developed a rich tradition of kite flying due to the patronage of the Kings and 'Nawabs' who found the sport both entertaining and a way of displaying their prowess. Trained fliers were employed to fly kites for kings. Slowly, the art started becoming popular among the masses. Today, manufacturing of kites is a serious business. It attracts big names of the corporate world as kites provide for the most cost-effective opportunity for branding. The stakes are high and prizes for the competition grand.

Months before the festival of Uttarayan, homes in the localities of various cities in Gujarat turn into kite producing factories with all family members doing their bit in the seasonal cottage business. The paper and sticks are cut, the glue is stirred and thousands of kites are prepared in the market. The string is coated with special glass powder and rice paste, all set to cut each other's strings and knock down the kites. The size of the kite ranges from nine inches to three feet.

Members of various communities irrespective of cast and creed are engaged in the business of kites. Rich or poor, people enjoy this festival in their own ways. The aerodynamic skill, devotion, and ingenuity that goes into the kite making and flying is almost a religion in itself, honed to the level of an art form, though it looks deceptively simple.

Every moment is a fresh beginning. Life's not about expecting, hoping and wishing,
it's about doing, being and becoming.

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