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One world - One Currency

As the world converges and global trade prospers, the need for a shared global Currency is rising as the next deciding stimulation to the world economy. A world global currency will eliminate the risk from fluctuating foreign exchange rates, reduce transaction costs, and promote an even larger volume of foreign goods and service exchange.

With the advent of cryptocurrencies - the world is eventually moving towards a single global currency - and most probably it will be BitCoin.

But why do we need a global currency ?


The businesses today are global but the currencies are local

The cost of moving money from one country to another is very high and very slow

The local currencies are prone to inflation and some countries are even experiencing hyper-inflation.

While the currencies were defined to empower people and trade - it is more and more controlled by central agencies like banks, financial institutions and governments.

People in power can print money out of thin air - bleeding the value of a currency

But can a global currency help ?

Euro is a classic example. The success of the regionally shared currency, the European Euro, is a case in point. The newly created shared currency, the Euro: created an internal market with free capital movements within the region and leading to great opportunities within the EU region.

Expand the same to a global level - and the best solution we can think of would only be crypto currencies (BitCoin). The advantages -

BitCoin is not controlled by anyone or any government or any corporate

It is truly global and digital

Movement of bitcoin is almost instant and the cost is near-zero

It cannot be printed out of thin air

The total availability is limited - keeping inflation in control. In Fact it is deflationary in nature.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency: it does not involve any governments, central of local banks in its working. Consequently, when chosen as the global currency, Bitcoin will not skew the economic balance towards any political powerhouse.

Can gold not be considered a global currency ?

Well - though initially gold was pegged against the local currencies of a country - it is no longer the case. Gold is desirable in all countries. But it cannot be made a global currency - simply because the distribution of gold around the world is unequal. Some countries have more gold mines and others have none. Which means that eventually gold has to be converted to a derivative (like dollars) to make it tradeable. Also moving physical gold is not easy.


Leo’s Roar

Progress! The change in weather here in Virginia, and my newfound freedom after getting rid of my forearm brace, have encouraged me to get back on track and focus on the year ahead. And I’m making good progress toward my goals for 2022.

Welcome to another installment of my thoughts on life. Today we’re going to talk about taking a great leap forward. Remember, I’m a lion, and lions like to leap. Grrr!

A small step for mankind … a great leap for lions

Every journey starts with a single step. And when your journey is interrupted, a single step forward gets you back on track. There’s a lesson here. Don’t give up. Don’t quit when the going gets tough. And if the horse (or elephant) throws you …. climb back up, seize the reins, and move forward. Progress is always about moving forward. Even if it’s not a straight line.

New Year’s Resolutions

Which brings me back to my review of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2022. Last month I Grouped them into Personal goals, Family goals, and Community goals.

Personal Goals: Exercise, Diet, Skills, Certifications

I’m back to running! I ran 3 miles (5 km) last week … and am focusing my attention on participating in a 5K race in April and another in May. I figure the best way to work up to a marathon (52.195 km) is to master the 5K, 10K, and half marathon (21.097 km) first. Easier to eat the elephant one bite at a time

Along with exercise, I’m watching my weight, too. Eating better, too. Can’t let this young lion’s body go to seed.

And I’m reading more. I’m a big believer in continuing education. The world is way too complicated to stop learning new ideas once you graduate from university. You’ve got to stay abreast of new concepts, new ideas, and new technologies. I read every day. And listen to audio books when I ride in the car with Dean. Great way to pass the time. I’ve just got to find the right certifications to capture what I learn

Family, Friends, Co-workers

I’m doing well keeping up with my family and friends. I’m spending more time with them; quality time. And continuing to Zoom and FaceTime with those too distant to meet in person. With the improving weather, Dean’s three-month vacation from teaching, and the reopening of travel opportunities, Dean and I will be hitting the road soon to catch up with distant friends and family in person. Watch for pictures!

Community, Nation, World

We’re getting more involved in our local community. Dean and I are volunteering to help with the Community Historical Foundation, as well as getting back into regional Emergency Preparedness and Search & Rescue organizations. All of these helps build a stronger, more resilient country. Remember, small steps (lion leaps) make a huge difference. Do your part! I’ll take pictures. Send me yours.

Until next month, as Kunalsinh says, ““Be Safe, Work Hard, Eat Well, Sleep Tight”.
I will!

Bye for now … Leo

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Happy Birthday

Vibhuti Patel

3rd April

Vibhuti is pursuing her Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Marwadi Education Foundation Group of Institutions. She is working with GlobalVox from last 3 months as an Associate Software Engineer Intern. Vibhuti is fond of drawing & traveling.

Prima Maniar

10th April

Prima has completed her M.Sc in IT from K.S School of Business Management (Gujarat University). She is been part of GlobalVox since 2.3yrs. Prima is very much fond of reading novels and mysteries, She is also fond of writing.

Imran Sheikh

12th April

Imran has completed his MCA from Department of Computer Science- Rollwala. He is been associated with GlobalVox since 1.2 yrs. Imran loves listening music, traveling and playing cricket, football.



Easter is the most important holy day throughout Christianity. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ — a central belief for Christians worldwide and the focal point of their faith. Christians believe that Jesus Christ was resurrected three days after his execution, his crucifixion on the Friday (which is now known as Good Friday). Easter normally falls anytime between March 22nd and April 25th on a Sunday, and this is dependent on which is the first Sunday after the first full moon following the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This year, we have Easter on 17th April 2022.

4 B.C.

Birth of Jesus

Most scholars agree that Jesus was born somewhere between the years 6 and 4 B.C.

28 A.D.

Ministry of Jesus

After being baptized by John, Jesus begins preaching in Galilee and recruits his disciples.

30–33 A.D.

Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus

Sentenced by Pontius Pilate, Jesus is crucified outside Jerusalem's city walls, and rises from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion.

325 A.D.

The Council Has Spoken

The First Council of Nicaea, organized by Roman Emperor Constantine I, decrees that Easter will be celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox.

18th century

Enter, the Easter Bunny

German immigrants introduce the Easter bunny tradition to the United States.


Easter Eggs on a Roll

President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife host the first annual Easter egg roll on the White House lawn.

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