If you want to help your organisation tackle its business challenges in the most optimized manner, then you need the help of an ever-expanding set of cloud computing services. Equip your business with Microsoft Azure-based services from Global Vox, and see your organization reach unprecedented heights.

GlobalVox Microsoft Azure

Commitment to Privacy

  • It is you who owns your data, and you should feel confident about your data being secure where it is stored. We help you trust the cloud to make your experiences more powerful and fully controlled by you.
  • With the help of AI-driven security signals which help to modernize your security operations, we make your threat response and detection, both faster and smarter.
GlobalVox Microsoft Azure

Unlimited Scalability

  • There are machine learning models and tools for everyone – every need and every skill level. Zero code automated models to algorithm selection using environments based on Python, there’s AI for everyone.
  • Whatever your application, you can trust the cloud to offer Postgres, MySQL, and SQL databases on an unlimited scale.
GlobalVox Microsoft Azure

Better Management with Tools for Azure Hybrid Cloud

  • Bring AI-powered and cloud-scale security protections to your IoT devices and on-premises virtual machines to have a centrally-managed or cohesive security management.
  • Through Azure Cognitive Services, we help deliver immersive experiences and real-time insights that are both contextually aware and highly responsive.
  • Azure offers database consistency with the common code base. It lets you achieve greater availability, flexibility, and scale through frictionless database migration that causes no code changes at an industry-leading TCO (total cost of ownership).

With Microsoft Azure, your business will have the freedom to build applications, manage them and finally deploying them on a massive network – a global one – using the frameworks and tools that you prefer.

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