Is JavaScript complex or easy to learn?


There are many buzzes about JavaScript programming language on internet by many developers and people. About its uses, future, specifically by developers about its learning complexity and sometimes why JavaScript was created.

Why JavaScript has been created?

Brendan Eich created JavaScript in 1995 while he was at NetScape Communications Corporation. At that time Java was popular and rapidly gaining attraction. Netscape Communications wanted to use Java coding language into Netscape communicator. But Java had wide scope and too complex to understand for designers. So, Netscape higher Brendan Eich who created JavaScript in just 10 days.

Is JavaScript Complex to understand?

We usually hear about complexity of JavaScript language. Developers used to complaints about its complex syntax and flow. But in real it is not that much difficult language to learn. It’s even easy to work with. Then, where people stuck and think its complex?

There are two things, one is JavaScript follow event-based programming model. Also, it’s asynchronous behaviour makes it bit harder to understand overall flow. Mostly developers who consider JavaScript as complex coding language stuck over its syntax and asynchronous behaviour.

Second thing its human driven complexity bias (Complexity bias describe our tendency to prefer complicated solutions and explanations over simple ones) which makes learning scale complicated and slowdown growth.

Need to know about JavaScript

  • JavaScript is used in front end as well as in backend. Node JS is server sided environment used to develop backend.
  • Node JS also based on event-based programming model and single threaded. Because of its asynchronous behaviour and non-blocking IO Node JS is being largely used in development
  • Applications such as Netflix, PayPal, Linkedln, Uber, Yahoo are developed using NodeJs.
  • TypeScript is a programming language developed by Microsoft. TypeScript is superset of JavaScript and developed to help catch mistakes early through a type system and to make JavaScript development more efficient
  • According to Stack overflow developer survey 2020, TypeScript is 2nd most popular language in world. (

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Parth Chokshi K. Is an Associate Software Engineer at GlobalVox | Posted on: September 02, 2021