Global Vox offers high reliability, performance, and scale to enterprises, on a platform of their choice, that is z/OS, UNIX, Linux, or Windows via DB2 management service, in a cost-efficient manner.

Globalvox DB2 Database Management Services

An Exhaustive Suite of Software Solutions

  • DB2 for UNIX, Windows, and Linux offer unparalleled efficiencies for storage and staffing, helping deliver brilliant performance for multi-workloads upon distributed systems.
  • DB2 for z/OS is known as well as trusted by some of the largest Financial Institutions and Banks for scalability, reliability, and availability.
  • DB2 for iSeries helps leverage the features of IBM Power Systems that cater to energy efficiency, high performance, and virtualization.
  • DB2 Connect helps to connect palm-top and desktop apps to the mainframe as well as minicomputer host databases.
Globalvox DB2 Database Management Services

A Complete IT Management Solution

  • Our DB2 management service ensures high performance and reliability of a system, preventing issues, and reducing the cost, duration, and any downtime impact.
  • Instead of just dealing with anomalies, we help businesses focus their IT spending on avoiding issues altogether, as well as service optimization. An enterprise can, therefore, pay more attention to their core competencies, rather than just IT management.