Dark Web

The Dark Web is a collection of websites and computer networks that are not accessible through traditional search engines.

The Dark Web is a part of the internet that is not indexed by search engines. It can only be accessed with specific software like the TOR browser. The Dark Web has been used for many purposes, but it’s most famous for being a place where criminals sell and buy illegal products.

The Dark Web is a dark place, as its name suggests. It was created to allow people to do things anonymously on the internet without fear of being tracked down or caught by law enforcement agencies. It’s like an anonymous version of eBay where you can buy anything from drugs to guns and even hire assassins!

It was created to provide privacy for its users. Unlike the Open Web, which is indexed by standard search engines, it has no single point of entry or system for indexing all content. The content on the Dark web cannot be accessed from certain countries and ISPs.

The term “Dark Web” can be used interchangeably with private internet browsing (PIB) to refer to users’ attempts to access this restricted area without revealing identifying information about their location, identity, or online activity due to security concerns.

It contains many illegal marketplaces and websites that are not indexed by search engines and can’t be found with traditional browsers(like Chrome, Safari, etc.).

The dark web is also sometimes referred to as the deep web, but this term has a different meaning. The deep web is a much larger part of the internet that isn’t indexed by search engines, and it contains sensitive content such as personal data or copyrighted material.

The Dark Web is a subset of the Deep Web. It uses the anonymity of networks like TOR or VPN to mask the identity of its users. The Dark Web is not a unified system, and it’s usage varies depending on what sort of data you are looking for.

The most popular use cases are:


  • Drug purchases – weapons trafficking
  • Illegal gambling – assassination markets
  • Cryptocurrency trading

One may argue that the Dark Web is an important part of the Deep Web which at its most basic level.Most people who use Tor (a browser which sends your web traffic through a series of nodes and encrypts it along the way) usually do so to hide their identity and location with anonymity as their main goal.

One of the more famous examples of this type of browsing is The Silk Road, a marketplace considered as one of the first “Amazon” or “eBay” for drugs.

It was shut down by law enforcement authorities in 2013 after almost 4 years in business.


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