What is CyberSecurity?

Cybersecurity is the prevention of unauthorized access, damage to, or destruction of data. Cybersecurity is an important topic in the modern era and people are concerned about it.

It is a field that deals with the protection of systems from cyber attacks. Cyber security can be done through different ways such as education, legislation, and by implementing technology.

Why CyberSecurity?

Cyber security is a complex and ever-changing field. The need for cyber security experts is growing exponentially, and it’s hard to find qualified professionals who can keep up with the pace of technological advancement.

The cyber security industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing in demand. Cyber security professionals are the backbone of any company and are responsible for preventing, detecting and responding to cyberattacks.

Challenging For Big Organizations!!!

Cyber security is a big concern for today’s organizations. It is a continuous battle to keep up with the latest threats, and it is getting more difficult as time goes on. The best way to stay ahead of cybercrime is by investing in people, processes and technology.

The biggest challenge for organizations is predicting the next attack vector. There are many different techniques that can be used to access company data, and it’s difficult to anticipate which one will be used in a given situation.


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Jemis Lakhani, Intern at GlobalVox. | Posted on: May 31, 2022