Dark Web

The Privacy Enhancing Computation trend involves a range of modern technologies that aim to protect personal data in various methods. Privacy Enhancing Computation protects data in use while maintaining privacy and secrecy online.

Rest API

REST means REpresentational State Transfer. REST API is one of the most popular web services accessible these days. It Provides architecture constraints such as stateless communication and cacheable data. They permit the client’s browser to communicate with the server using the HTTP standard methods and provide the current state of the database.

React 18 Beta

React is a JS powerful Library It works just as any framework. Currently, the latest version is the 17.0.2 version.
React 18 was announced on Nov 15th Now it’s in beta version. Here are a few updates by React Team. This update is mainly focused on third-party-library so this will not affect or conflict with current version projects.


There has been a lot of hustle about the METAVERSE since Facebook announced its shift from the company name “Facebook” to “Meta”! The word METAVERSE is a combination of two words: meta and universe. The English term “meta” translates to “more than” or “beyond”.

NFT (Non-fungible Token)

Secondly, you might also want to know why NFTs are important. Although one can never put an end to the copies that are made after a piece of art is put up on the internet, NFTs are necessary because they only make the ownership authentication process easy and simple

DevOps Fundamentals

DevOps can be defined by two related ideas. First, DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers, participating together through the entire service lifecycle, from the design and development process all the way to production support.


Apache Struts is an open-source framework that is used for developing Java web application. Originally developed
by the programmer and author Craig R. McClanahan, this was later taken over by the Apache Software
Foundation in 2002..

Sound Health Is Your Best Investment

Mental Wellness and Fitness are the buzz words in today’s pandemic era. As it is rightly said A healthy mind resides in a healthy body Sound health is indeed a bliss! A balanced diet with adequate exercise is the right ingredient which can ensure our good physical health. So, check out that your plate is colourful with lots of fruits and vegetables.

ABC (Accelerator, Break and Clutch) of MQ

Smoke signals, carrier pigeons, courier companies, emails – we as human beings have always revolutionised our ways to communicate, irrespective of distances between us. The same need exists in the computer world too – a method to send, receive, and create the message itself. This is how MQ (Message Queue) came into being.

IS JAVASCRIPT AND TYPESCRIPT THE SAME?  If so, then can we replace one with the other? 

we can say that both of these languages help us by providing functionality to a web-project at different levels and in different ways. But the main difference is that JS is ideal for working on a small-scale project where the code is within a few hundred lines while typescript is used to design lengthy, tedious and complex code