Azure SQL Database is a scalable and intelligent cloud database service that Global Vox provides for enterprises to have the widest SQL Server engine compatibility.

Globalvox Database Management services

Seamless Migration

  • Our Azure database migration service lets enterprises have accelerated on-premise SQL Server migrations without having to change the app code with Managed Instance.
  • Businesses enjoy additional flexibility for deployment with Single Database for SQL apps built for multi-tenant applications in Elastic Pool or the cloud.
Globalvox Database Management services

High Availability, Unmatchable Scale

  • Our Azure database management services help you scale your application, as per your demand with extremely high availability.
  • Hyperscale enables you to restore massive databases in no more than a few minutes.
  • Scale storage and compute resources independently so as to ensure maximum flexibility, as discounted readable replicas help you lower your costs.
Globalvox Database Management services

Stringent Measures of Data Security

  • With our advanced threat protection capabilities and fine-grained access controls, you won’t have to fear any malicious activity harming your database.
  • Equipped with built-in information protection and auditing technology, Azure SQL Database stringently meets even the toughest compliance standards.