At Global Vox, we look forward to helping enterprises manage their AWS cloud. It is our belief that dedicating your valuable resources towards managing AWS on a day-to-day basis is taking your focus away from higher-value activities which could drive your business growth. You can rest easy with Global Vox to look after your cloud operations in a smart, seamless manner.

Globalvox AWS Services

Your Very Own Solution Architects

To find and retain in-house AWS expertise could be a huge challenge. With our team of certified experts working as your solution architects, we will design AWS based upon the specific needs of your business.

Globalvox AWS Services

Cost-Effective Optimization

Every enterprise feels the need to reduce costs; it’s quite likely that this is what influences their move to the cloud. At Global Vox, we analyze your AWS configuration periodically, looking for cost-effective ways to improve your business performance following your changing needs.

Critical Steps of Migration

Lack of experience could make moving to AWS seem overwhelming and intimidating. As you take your crucial steps into the cloud, you can trust us to use our experience in the field and proven methods to help you reduce any risk and/or interruption.

Globalvox AWS Services

Security, Compliance, Governance

We believe security, compliance, and governance to be the top concerns. Global Vox delivers a powerful combination of management tools and certified experts and to help secure your data and environment for compliance.

By leveraging our expertise to manage AWS for your business is a smart move, for it allows you to redirect your focus on things more important for your business and its growth.

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