At Global Vox, we offer AWS data migration service to help plan, create, and manage the AWS database migration of enterprises. We work with our client businesses every step of the way, so as to help them protect their data, maintain operations, and reduce downtime.

Globalvox AWS Database Management Services

Making the Most of Your Resources

Businesses can run Oracle, NoSQL databases, or Microsoft SQL server on the AWS platform, and maximize their resources while making the most of their existing licenses. Besides, we are there to handle everything related to managed database service AWS for our clients, that include deployment, installs and patches, database maintenance, data backup, and upgrade. We also ensure you successfully address your compliance and security-related requirements.

Globalvox AWS Database Management Services

Connecting Hosted Databases

We know how to guide enterprises to connect the dedicated hosted databases with the AWS cloud platform through our AWS managed database services. This allows them to smoothly integrate web and app tiers, right within the AWS cloud platform.