Dark Web

The Privacy Enhancing Computation trend involves a range of modern technologies that aim to protect personal data in various methods. Privacy Enhancing Computation protects data in use while maintaining privacy and secrecy online.

Rest API

REST means REpresentational State Transfer. REST API is one of the most popular web services accessible these days. It Provides architecture constraints such as stateless communication and cacheable data. They permit the client’s browser to communicate with the server using the HTTP standard methods and provide the current state of the database.

React 18 Beta

React is a JS powerful Library It works just as any framework. Currently, the latest version is the 17.0.2 version.
React 18 was announced on Nov 15th Now it’s in beta version. Here are a few updates by React Team. This update is mainly focused on third-party-library so this will not affect or conflict with current version projects.